What Color is Your Car’s Smoke?

With all the emission requirements and restrictions on cars now, you probably don’t notice much smoke coming from your exhaust. But, this is one place to pay attention to determine if something is wrong with your car. Three different exhaust colors are warning signs of different problems with your car, so get it checked right away when you notice this, before the problem escalates to an expensive repair.

Bluish Colored Smoke, usually accompanied by a burning oil stink, is a good indication of oil leaking into your engine, which isn’t good. A reputable auto repair technician can determine right away if the problem is leaking valve seals, a stuck PVC valve, worn piston rings, or worn cylinder walls.

Black Smoke is an indication that your car is running with a low air-to-fuel ratio, and needs some adjustments. Your auto mechanic will look at three areas for this – a clogged fuel line, a fuel pressure regulator that’s stuck, or leaking fuel injectors.

White Smoke – different than the smoke you see from your exhaust on a cold winter day. White smoke often means you have an internal coolant leak, which could lead to a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder head, or a cracked engine block.

A car that runs well is like your body that is healthy – all systems are functional without any unusual noises or signals. If your car needs help, call a qualified auto mechanic who can review the symptoms and run a computer diagnosis to determine the right repair.