Tips for Choosing a Reliable Mechanic for Your Car Repairs

Some people don’t look for a doctor until they need one. Others avoid finding the right dentist unless they have a tooth problem. Waiting until your car needs repairs isn’t the best time to go shopping for a reliable mechanic.

Whether you need emergency car repairs or are looking for regular auto maintenance, you may wonder how to find a good repair shop when you need one. Here are some quick tips for finding a reliable mechanic for your car repairs.


Your friends, neighbors, and co-workers can probably give you great opinions and recommendations about various mechanics in the area. Understand the car repairs that they’ve needed, the type of service they received, and their impression of the mechanic as well as the rest of the staff.


Find out how long the repair shop has been in business, how qualified and certified their technicians are, and if they offer any specialized services that you might need. Are their service bays frequently full with many types of repairs? That’s a good indication that they provide good service and are trusted for repeat business.


Find out what hours a repair shop is open, and if they cater to extended hours or weekend hours. Car mechanics understand that people often work during normal business hours, and often adjust their schedules to offer repairs in the evenings and on the weekend.

Ask about payment arrangements – do they only accept cash, or is credit also an option? Some car repair shops offer discounts to regular customers, which is a good reason for finding a reliable mechanic and developing a loyal relationship with him.

Finally, don’t wait to find a repair shop until you need an emergency repair. Trusted auto mechanics develop a service history with each vehicle, and can advise you on upcoming repairs or replacement parts that may be needed. Find your favorite repair shop and stick with them so that your car is taken care of and you have confidence in a qualified team providing both maintenance and repair services.