Is Your Car Begging for a Transmission Repair?

As your car gets older, you may notice that it’s begging for certain auto repairs; and many can’t be ignored, especially the need to repair a transmission. But, car owners often don’t recognize the warning signals of transmission failure, and the repair becomes quite expensive if the signals aren’t noticed quickly. Here are some tips to watch for to see if the car’s transmission is begging for service.

Leaking fluid – if your engine is leaking pink, oily-looking fluid, pay attention to this warning signal. Transmission fluid is important, and you could risk damaging the engine if there isn’t enough, or if the fluid reservoir runs dry. A hot smell in the engine area could mean bigger problems, The car’s transmission helps many other systems in the car operate correctly, so when you see leaking fluid, get your car to a qualified auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Does your car have the shakes? When you’re driving and notice the whole car feeling like it’s wiggling in its shoes, this is a potential warning of transmission trouble. Eventually, the shakes develop into more than just wiggles, and the car will be hard to manage or control. Visit your auto repair shop as soon as possible.

Fighting a gear shift – if you car won’t shift gears as quickly as it used to, you could first check the transmission fluid level, but it could also mean an internal seal malfunction. Your car mechanic will know how to handle this efficiently.

As you approach transmission failure, your car will become more difficult to handle. Don’t ignore the warning signs, because a delayed reaction to these can result in higher auto repair bills. A transmission repair requires skill and knowledge, and should be given to your trusted auto mechanic to handle.